Privacy Policy

We are the secret sex toy company and seek to assure you that we will not share any of your information.


Obviously we will need to contact you to confirm your order and to confirm dispatch. That's it. We advise that you use a free email account service such as Google Mail or Yahoo. 

Should you want to call us, we will simple answer with "Customer service - how can I help" We will never mention who we are and will only talk to you when you have answered a couple of question to confirm you are the account holder! 


Except for our "White glove service" all payments are made via PayPal the worlds largest and most trusted payment processor. You do not need a PayPal account. For information on our white glove service please sign up or log into your account.

Promotions or as some call it spam.

Apart from the essential emails to confirm your account, order and dispatch details, we will never ever email you. You know where we are, if you need additional products. 

Data protection.

Any information you provide is kept secret, please feel free to use a made up name! Obviously you will need to collect your delivery so better to use John Smith as opposed to Micky Mouse because when you collect your parcel you will be asked to confirm your name! 

We are happy for you to use a made up address as well but please make sure that the location you provide is somewhere you can collect from! 

M Mouse
Crater Park
The Moon 

We do not deliver to the moon!

J. Smith
Wellbeing Avenue

Your collection point will be in Plymouth unless you tell us otherwise.

You can find all the additional information you need in your account when you sign up with us. 

We can deliver to 98% of the UK

Ultimately any information you provide will be kept private. We sell sex toys not our customers information.