Delivery Information

Discretion is key to our service.

If you just want you product posted directly to you home - Please use the following coupon code to reduce the delivery charge.

To my door 

This will reduce our delivery cost by £4.99 

We welcome all customers and offer 3 types of delivery.

  1. Straight to your door. Ideal if you don't need to keep your purchase secret.
  2. Pick up at a high street location of your choice. We dispatch your product to a town or city of your choice and send you a collection code so you can pick up your products anonymously (click and collect) we will dispatch to a location in your nearest town or city unless we receive instruction from you to deliver to a different location. Please Note - Our local store collection service incurs an additional delivery charge of £4.99 which is our cost only, but a cost we need to pass on. You can save this cost when you have product delivered to your home address by using the above code at the check out.
  3. White glove service. Same as option 2, however option is exceedingly discrete and almost untraceable. 

Please sign up or log in for full details on all our delivery options.

Our delivery costs are displayed at the checkout, please select the delivery method that best suits you.

It goes without saying but it is worth mentioning, our packages are plain there are no visible clues as to what the product is and you don't have to use your real name if using option 2 or 3. We will mail you your collection code which you give to the assistant upon collection. Again I stress that nobody will know the contents of your package.