White Glove Service

How does it work?

If you need total privacy our white glove service is for you.

A word of warning! Just being here reading this leaves a trace on your computer, tablet or mobile phone. This is beyond our control but you can delete it from your device history. Use your preferred search engine to find out how. 

Obviously it goes without saying that we must in someway communicate. Our suggestion is as follows.

  1. Add the product/s you require to your shopping cart.
  2. Contact us for a mailing address. Phone or via our contact form.
  3. Send your payment via registered delivery post. (This is not recommended by royal mail but it's the only option you have)
  4. Upon receipt (we have to sign to accept your "letter") we will process your order on your behalf.
  5. We will deliver to a town or city of your choice, and contact you via your preferred method of communication with your collection details.

That's it but please read on.

If you call us.

We will answer the call with a simple "Hello customer services how can I help" 

We will then challenge you for some information to make sure it is you and not a suspicious partner and when we are satisfied we can discuss your account. 

Under no circumstances will we reveal or acknowledge that we are the secret sex toy company.

If we call you!

We won't unless you have specifically asked us to. Even then we will hide our number and introduce ourselves as customer service's if you accept our call we will again ask you a couple of questions to confirm you are you!

We will never leave a voice message. We will call again if you don't or can't answer. 

Your secret is safe with us just make sure you cover the tracks at your end.

Under no circumstances will you get any form of communication from us unless it is to reply to you. That means we will not offer any promotion/spam emails or phone calls. You know where we are and if you require our service we are here for you. 


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